If they don't take your word, they might take your clients.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have lots of meetings, but not many sales.  

Your prospects often go for bigger names

(who in the end treat them badly).  

You're getting website hits, that get you little work.  

People are often confused about what you do.  

You're giving many quotes, but not getting many deposits.

They waste your time for months with no answer.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

I can get your prospects to stop doubting, and start paying.

But how you say?  

By filming your past clients, saying how great you are.

Ask yourself

Do most salesmen win your trust? ... I Doubt it!

We often think they care more about sales than us.

But how can we win people's trust, if you're the one selling?

I'll tell you how...

By showing them happy clients, saying nice things about you.

And all we need are some of your happy clients.

Here's some examples of businesses I've helped

Fisher Funerals Leeds

The most senstive and enjoyable job I've been done yet. Karen Fisher is a saint to her clients.

Chris Stephenson Building Services

In 1 year, these videos helped Chris grow his firm 5/600%, make £200K, and get booked for a years worth of work in advance. Feel free to watch his testimonial or ask him yourself!

Remotely filmed testimonial

Here we helped Me Smarter Mortgages get a video testimonial via long distance filming.

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