JS White & Co

‍Jonathan White was the first person who gave us a shot in my networking group.

He doesn't suffer fools gladly and everyone knows it, so his support was a big help in getting Vouch 4 Me Video moving early on.

He's also not bad when it comes to the tax (check the video on the front of this website for proof).‍

Chris Stephenson Building Services

At the time of shooting this testimonial, Chris was so stacked out with business that we had to shoot it outside on one of his building sites, in under ten minutes, and without even a chair for the poor man to sit on.

And yet his words stillsay more than I ever could.

According to Chris his firm grew 5-600% in the first year, made about £200k, and at the time of shooting this in August 2019, he had a full order book for the year ahead.

I always add the caveat that he's an honest man at the top of his game, which doesn't half help.

Glad to see him doing well after lockdown.