Your questions / FAQs answered

Why pay for these videos if I can do them myself?

Great question! I think every business owner will look better online if they start making their own video testimonials. Clients hire me however because they want to:

* Turn the highest possible number of enquiries into actual paid work.

* Grow alot faster.

To do that we need to film the best feedback possible from your clients, and the interviews I would hold with them tend to be alot more in depth, with alot more questions asked, so we can really find out why your help was of value to them. These interviews often last about 30min, sometimes a little longer if needed (only if your client is happy with that).

Its from this longer interview footage that I uncover the golden nuggets of feedback that persuade people to work with you, and whittle them down into a single, sales winning video about 2min length.


But what makes you so qualified?


There's a few things that help me to get even better feedback for myclients:

1) I have Aspergers syndrome, which meant that when growing up I struggled to tell whether people were feeling good or bad, or being fully open with me. I worked on this problem so much that its now my main assett when it comes to holding interviews; I can tell better than most whether people come across as honest, open, genuine or salesy.

2) I spent 6 years as actors photographer, and over time learned how to tell, just from looking at peoples eyes and body language, when they were showing their true selves, and when they were not being genuine. I still use this skill all the time when trying to get people's clients to say what they really feel.

3) I've done countless testimonial interviews and videos already, and having done just this one niche thing for so long, have figured out nearly all the little ways of getting great feedback from people on camera, and how to make the most money from it after.


Would you coach my clients on what to say?

No, never!

People are going to talk in their own way; you can't tell them how to talk or they will find it harder to bothcome up with good feedback, and appear honest on camera.


How long are the final videos?

At most around 2 minites, any longer than that is going to put people off watching it.


What support do you give after delivery?

1) Every person who I work with gets a guide on how to make money from their videos using free methods.

2) I always make time for my clients by phone or zoom, as I want to see them succeed, and get the best outcomes from their investment.

3) If they want to take things a stage further, and use them for some paid advertising, I can suggest some trusted people who do that. And no I don't take a cut.


Do you do rates for packages?

Yes! Check the prices section for more details.


Do you edit the videos yourself?

Yes I do!


Are testimonial videos the silver bullet for all my problems?

No, and don't let anyone else tell you they have it either, because there is no such thing.  

What they do though, is make it much more likely that people will buy from you.  

Trust is like fuel, and a sale is like a destination. Some people take longer than others to reach theirs.

The more fuel you put in the trust tank, the faster people will get there.

Testimonials for sure put alot of fuel in that trust tank.


What else can I do to put more fuel in the trust tank?

If you have a website, social media page, linkedin profile, and they don't reflect well on you right now, it won't do any harm to fix that later on.

And if people tell you that's going to cost you a bomb, they're talking nonsense.

It shouldn't cost alot to get the basics right.