Harris Real Estate Services

The Harris's are lovely folk and well loved estate agents. Here's the proof.

Pure Basement Systems

Once, before I even started training people, a client asked us to edit over an hours worth of his client's own home made testimonials down into a single short video. This is the result.

Decorating Systems UK

I've had enough obsessive conversations about paint with this company to give in and admit they know their craft inside and out.

Me Smarter Mortgages

I kind of regret all the flashy transitions here (it was an earlier time), but I couldn't keep you from seeing how good these people are at their job.

Coded 4

These people are one of those firms who I wouldn't bet

against building the next Airbnb, Uber etc. They built this

site, made it so I could make any insane changes easily

(i.e. the emojis). I love their work.

Access North Build

This one was a collaboration. I filmed the client interview, another person filmed the awesome drone footage, and Access North did the editing in house. When people just want the testimonial footage I'm fine with that so long as its clear to others that I've only filmed the client footage.

I should add that Access North's Daniel Northcott is one of my favourite folk in business. He's a great collaborator with a strong 'why' and his goals are worth admiring.